Teabaggers by the numbers


Someone finally commissioned a poll to quanity what everyone with eyes already intuitively understood: the Tea Party is overwhelmingly far right, white, male, and aging (occasional outliers like the One Young Teabagger with Piercings aside).
The Times saved the best bit for last:
Some defended being on Social Security while fighting big government by saying [...]



Congratulations to Mark Fiore, first alt-cartoonist to win the Pulitzer since Feiffer!
And with my old friend Matt Wuerker a finalist, this was a very good year for editorial cartoonists working outside the standard template. (As I noted in my now-obsolete letter to the Pulitzer Board four years ago, the only other remotely non-traditional editorial [...]

Preach it, brother Matt


Brooks is right that most of the people in that 5% bracket log heavy hours, but where he’s wrong is in failing to recognize that most of us have enough shame to know that what we do for a living isn’t really working. I pull absolutely insane hours in my current profession, to the point [...]

Stuff you should know


… and probably already do. But just in case you’re not up to speed, you really, really need to read Greenwald on the Wikileaks civilian massacre video: here, here, and here for starters. (The first link also leads to the video itself.)
And you really owe it to yourself to watch Rachel Maddow’s definitive [...]